Soul-friendly living means caring good for ourselves

If we live soul-friendly, we can heal ourselves of all the injuries of recent years and decades. What does this mean?

We have all experienced countless situations in our lives where other people have disregarded the needs of our soul.

It began shortly after birth when we were crying and no one came to comfort us. When we cried desperately for our mother or caregiver in kindergarten, the soul has suffered, too.

And in school it went on. Every time we were judged that we did not do anything right, our soul suffered. If we felt we had failed.

This is so overwhelming throughout our lives that one day we even started to hurt our soul for ourselves.

We do jobs that we do not love, live in destructive relationships, and are used to beat ourselves when we feel, that this is not the right way.

We have in many ways forgotten to listen to the needs of our souls and to take seriously. If we decide to listen to these needs again, we will have to learn to recognize them. And every time we succeed, we can heal a little bit.

But the first step is the decision. Do you want to listen to your soul again? Even if that means, that you have to change things in your life to become soul-friendly and healthy again?

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