5 unmistakable signs that your soul suffers

1. You get heavy out of bed in the morning.

If you do not feel like getting up in the morning, it can be a sign that there is nothing outside of your bed that will make you feel enough to start the day. People who live soul-friendly lives often like to stand up because they are already looking forward to the day.

2. You talk a lot about other people

If you often talk about other people, especially if you talk bad about them, it shows that you are not satisfied with your own life. People who are satisfied with their own lives have neither the time nor the desire to get excited about other people.

3. You are always tired and beaten off

If you have slept enough and are always tired, it can be a sign that your life is boring you. Of course, it can also be nutritional deficiencies, so please let a doctor clarify that. But basically dissatisfaction is exhausted.

4. You hardly care about making your environment beautiful

If you have been living in an environment that you could actually make much more beautiful, but do not feel like it, it can also be that your soul is so exhausted that it has (supposedly!) No resources left for it.

5. You do not want to meet old friends

People who are reluctant to meet old friends often avoid this because they are afraid that they will live a great and full life and that they have nothing to report and show. Therefore, class reunions and similar gatherings are often avoided.

What you can do about it:

1. Try to find something that you do first thing in the morning for YOU.

Be it reading a few pages, writing something, etc. Writing morning pages is great for that. You do not have to do anything else but just write down how you feel in the morning. This is pure soul hygiene and you will notice after a while that these few minutes really help to rebuild your life.

2. Start by talking about other people only when you have something positive to report

You will notice that you feel better, because it weakens us when we neglect other people.

3. Try to feel exactly what your soul might enjoy

Often, the path to a soul-centered life leads through creativity. What did you always want to do and pushed it in front of you?

4. Turn the tables over. Make your home nice!

Start tidying up and cleaning everything, make the apartment with some decoration items and you’ll see that this has an incredible effect on your wellbeing. In a clean, tidy apartment you are much better off!

5. Start meeting people again and listen to what they have to say

No one lives an absolutely perfect life, but we can learn from what others tell us. If you focus on listening, you’re also a much friendlier conversation partner, as if you’re just talking about yourself.

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