Seven signs that you have psychic experiences

Did you always think that only other people have psychic perceptions? I’m sure you have some, too. How you recognize this, you read here:

1. Have you ever thought of someone and this person suddenly calls you – even if you have not heard each other for a long time and you have not thought about this person for a long time?

2. Have you ever come into a room and felt that there is a bad atmosphere?

3. Have you ever felt that you are being stared at from behind?

4. Have you ever had a premonition?

5. Have you ever had the feeling that someone is in the room even though you could not see anybody?

6. Do you sometimes suddenly hear a line of a song in your ear?

7. Do you sometimes come across a book / newspaper / text, which is exactly what you were thinking about?

If you were able to answer YES to all or more points, then you too belong to the group of people whose clair senses are very good.

To 1. The telepathic connection to other people seems to be well developed in you. Presumably you will perceive much more, but you can only check it in this example. If you want to deepen that, practice listening to these soft perceptions.

To 2. When a dispute has been raging in a room or something unpleasant has been spoken, the energy drops down. Sensitive people can feel that.

To 3. The feeling of being stared from behind shows that you have a good connection to your energy field, your aura. Because of course we feel there, that we are stared at.

To 4. Premonitions are a clear sign that you are a very clair sensed and sensitive person. Events precede their shadow before they take place in the material world, they have already taken place in the spiritual realm. If you can feel that, you are already advanced.

To 5. The feeling that someone is in the room, is usually not deceiving. In fact, there are no empty spaces. We are surrounded by beings of all kinds. But do not worry, they will not hurt you. Next time you feel something like that, just ask who’s there.

To 6. If you sometimes seem to have a song line in your ear out of the blue, listen carefully to the message you are trying to reach. Most are wonderful gifts from the spiritual world.

To 7. The law of synchronicity helps us to always get the information that we need right now. If you have already noticed, you are already well trained to let the spiritual world speak in your life.