Are you stuck in your patterns?

Have you taken on roles in your life that you did not choose?

You’re not alone with that! That happens to most people. Often, these roles arise from supposed or real necessities. They solidify in the course of life patterns of behavior, which will serve us for a certain time, but one day can also become an obstacle to change.

The hardest part is that we often do not even notice these patterns. We exclude things from our lives without even thinking about them because we are so used to them. Many people erase abundance from their lives because they are used to living in deficit. And then there are a lot of people who say, „You have to go into abundance!“ But how can that be done when one no longer knows how fullness feels? The feeling of deficit has taken over our so much that abundance is suddenly no longer recognized.

Our patterns of behavior are stored not only in our memory, but in every cell of our body and above all in our energetic bodies. And if we do not start to change the information at the energetic level so that the cells receive new information, we will not be able to „think positively.“ That`s the last step!

Positive thinking can not be forced, it is not cause, but consequence of the information we carry within us in the subtle realm. Therefore, it is the only way to change this information. We can only achieve a fundamental change in our patterns if we look at and work on the energetic level. Everything else happens by itself.

But how exactly does that work? How can you look at and change the energetic level?

To do this, we first come into contact with our subtle realms and learn to recognize what is stored and anchored there. At this level, sustainable change can take place. And then it’s easy.

It is the mind that shapes matter, not vice versa!